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Windows 7 Thread, 64bit in Technical; I'd love to make our default build 64bit only, but we have a bunch of 32bit only systems still. I ...
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    I'd love to make our default build 64bit only, but we have a bunch of 32bit only systems still. I really can't be bothered supporting two different builds so until those systems are replaced, we are sticking with 32bit.

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    Server 2008 successor IS 64bit only. R2 has been released and has been around for a while
    You're right 2008 R2 is 64bit only, but I meant the next proper release. Windows Server 2012 possibly? Around this time frame anyway.

    Thinking about it logically Microsoft still dominate in the desktop OS market and at the current time we're in a 32bit/64bit transition. Some software developers have gone to the effort of creating 64bit equivalents and others haven't. As soon as Microsoft make 64bit standard on the desktop, software developers will have little choice but to create 64bit equivalents. We're still quite a number of years away, however I would also predict the next Windows desktop OS will and should be 64bit only.

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    @tmcd35: I was the OP on one of the threads that SYNACK pointed out. I found, surprisingly, that all my curriculum software worked fine on x64 Windows. Printer drivers seem to be the biggest problem but I get around that by using a CUPS print server

    I use junction points to allow a common path for 32-bit apps and use only the 32-bit version of IE to get around the lack of an x64 version of the Flash plugin.

    There's no need for different GPOs, OUs, etc. It all just works.

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