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Windows 7 Thread, Which version to install? in Technical; I'm looking at rebuilding my Desktop PC at home which currently has Windows 7 RC on it and have been ...
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    Which version to install?

    I'm looking at rebuilding my Desktop PC at home which currently has Windows 7 RC on it and have been thinking about which version to install on it. I am looking to do more with the machine in the future apart from the usual WOW sessions and music storage which it currently does so I was wondering would I be better off installing Pro or Ultimate on it or should I save money and go with Home Premium?

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    Entirely up to you. Personally, I would go for either Enterprise or Ultimate (the 64-bit edition) and Windows Virtual PC/XP mode (for the software that won't run on Windows 7).

    However if pricing is an issue than Home is fine, unless you want things like XP Mode, the ability to join a domain (if you run one at home) and bitlocker...


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    Get Pro for it's RDP support.

    Remember each version has all the features of the version underneath it so Pro has all the features of Home Premium, Media Centre etc. which is different from Vista where 'Home' features were cut out of the 'Business' range.

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    I'm not running a domain at home just a PC, Laptop and Windows Home Server which is due to be replaced with a NAS box. In the past if I wanted any sort of virtual environment I have used Virtual Box with no real problems. I have about Pro for the RDP functionality but then again I have a works laptop for that sort of thing and I would rather keep my home machines for home use.

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    ultimate 64 bit edition rocks not had any issues so far and been running since release,

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