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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 & XP Folder Redirection in Technical; Please Please Please Please Help a guy out here Have been trying to sort this problem out for days now, ...
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    Windows 7 & XP Folder Redirection

    Please Please Please Please Help a guy out here

    Have been trying to sort this problem out for days now, and just just getting REALLY annoying

    Anyone one know how to configure this correctlly?

    On XP with use, Start Menu, Desktop, Home Profile, App Data Redirected Folders

    I have tried just making a redirected policy from Server 2008 R2 for both xp and windows settings on it(Temp server just to setup the policys for windows 7, plan to upgrade from 2003R2 servers soon)

    That failed

    So also have tried a policy made from Server 2008 R2 just for the windows 7 folder redirections and a policy made from Server 2003 R2 just for XP

    I am having no luck, has when both policys are enabled under a test OU with a test Student account in that OU with any policys above this disabled (So no other settings confit with this) Windows 7 seems to run fine with the desktop icon and start menu (Any idea why the default smart menu icon are still there through ie, manintance foldeder etc) But when I logon to a xp manchine, the desktop icons and start menu icons are not working

    Profile Questions

    At the moment we Use Roaming Profiles which I cant see why we need the app data folder redirected, should we get rid of this? (It then loads the default one from the computer then right?)

    Also whould you advise on a mantory profile? one for xp and w7?

    Is it possible to get a script to copy it onto the manchine instead of it copying to the computer from the server, has this would be faster for logons

    Does a mantory profile gets deleted when you log off?

    Does a mantory profile forse it to be uploaded every time a user logs on or use a cached folder from the last user logo and it just changes the redirected folders for that user

    Please help, this is really stressing me out here!

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    I saw somewhere on the web you need indexing turned on with server 2008 to have the folder redirecting, this is assuming you're making the Windows 7 documents library redirect to a network folder for storage.

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    Windows Folder Redirection

    Here's some more information that might be helpful,

    Windows Folder Redirection


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