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Windows 7 Thread, Surprise in Technical; ...
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    Well they ain't dispatched my Home Premium from Amazon yet. Although

    a)They're not dealing with Royal Mail any more I heard


    b)I only paid around £45, and kind Microsoft will be shipping the full version rather than upgrade / E

    My poorly media centre PC is just as eager as me!

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    Yeah, my PC World Order of Windows 7 came yesterday, backed up my machine and did a clean install of it last night without any problems at all. Installation took about 15 minutes, it seems very fast, no problems so far, no problems with Drivers, infact Windows 7 picked up EVERYTHING on the machine without having to go and download any drivers.

    It also has IE 8 included in the Windows Installation as there was talk that this would not be included on the installation DVD and you would have to download it from Microsoft and Install afterwards.

    So far so good ;-)

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    Not got my copy, but then I ordered through eBuyer and chose the free "when we can be bothered" shipping option, so I'm not expecting it anytime soon anyway, even if they were as forward thinking as the chaps at DSG.

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    You have to ask how the Unions think they're going to beat Royal Mail on this one? They've already lost huge contracts such as Amazon and I don't think the Unions realise it's harder to build bridges rather than destroy them.
    Two words sum up the failure in union mentality to realise they often do more harm than good: Austin. Rover.

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