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Windows 7 Thread, Why Windows 7 When XP "Won't Die" in Technical; going to do 1 image for the PC's (curriculum). Will add on MS Office 2007, stykz, pivot, synchroneyes etc, then ...
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    going to do 1 image for the PC's (curriculum). Will add on MS Office 2007, stykz, pivot, synchroneyes etc, then blitz it across.

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    Quote Originally Posted by synaesthesia View Post
    I just thought it was rather a good point raised - the OS is released in October to the public (may be earlier to some customers possibly including schools) but should schools be adopting it that early? So, aiming to get Sims 7 compatible for October seems very fair to me.
    It is fair and I don't think you could sensibly ask for more.

    I would expect a company the size of Capita with a product as important as Sims to be very involved in the Beta process and to be telling Microsoft about any problems that exist. If the problems are (say) that they need ordinary users to write to HKLM and Windows 7 doesn't allow it then I'd expect MS to tell them where to go :-) If it's a problem with the coding where MS appear to have got something wrong then I'd expect MS to fix it or at least advise Capita how they can work round it etc.

    I can also see that big companies never want to commit themselves to definite time scales with beta products but it's reasonable to assume that some schools will move to Windows 7 (just as some moved to Vista) and you'd expect them to have plans to deal with it (eg "we aim to have support for Windows 7 within 3 months/1 year/whatever of public launch" would be reasonable)

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    Now IE6 Won't Die!

    Link: Microsoft backs long life for IE6

    From the article:

    "In the future they have to look out for Google with its Chrome browser," he said. "The main concern there for Microsoft is the rise in cloud computing and software as a service. Google is becoming very effective at delivering applications in the cloud and therefore poses a huge threat to Microsoft."
    Article ends with:

    "Clearly Google is a very strong technology company with a number of offerings across the internet space but beyond that, I don't have a comment on them as a browser vendor in particular," stated Ms Bardzukas.
    I think this quote may come back to haunt them.....

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