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Windows 7 Thread, First day of use in anger and... I am angry in Technical; Originally Posted by nephilim @Mac_Shinobi: My comment was meant about purchasing a brand new MAC, not the operating system. Sorry ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by nephilim View Post
    @Mac_Shinobi: My comment was meant about purchasing a brand new MAC, not the operating system. Sorry for the confusion.
    The brand new macs are more expensive and am not sure if thats down to the new cpu's and the extra amount of RAM that apple are now selling there apple macs with ( because of apple charging extra for more RAM in comparison to say crucial hence the link I posted in my above post )

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    Quote Originally Posted by nephilim View Post
    @Original Topic: Windows 7 has doen well to cope with the possible billions of combinations. Having spoken to one of the developers via MSDNAA, he told me that they spoke with 95% of manufacturers when it came to windows 7, so that they could have the drivers built in for almost all hardware. There are issues with some, but to date, I have yet to have any.
    To be perfectly fair to M$ the NT Kernel is pretty rock solid. Certainly XP SP2 never caused me any issues and Win7 is, from what little I've seen, shaping up very well. Of late I think a lot of M$'s problems have come down to feature bloat and overall OS speed - see Vista - It looks as if 7 will address a few of these concerns.

    Certainly pre NT and Pre BSD (OS X) both OS's (Mac and Windows) where as flacky as hell. Software BSOD (and the mac equivalent) disappeared with the Dos/Windows (Win ME) line (and OS 9). These days a BSOD or a Kernal Panic is likely to be either a driver or more frequently a hardware problem rather than a problem with the underlying OS.

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    Just to ignore all the OS vs OS war of words thats being going on.... (why type it, no ones mind will change)

    I reinstalled XP, I couldn't get the burning to work, there was no graphics card drivers for the 3 cards I have lying about and the on board card and my board didn't have the virtualisation settings required to run the new version of virtualpc which did look interesting. Oh and I got a huge panic when I thought I had messed Sims up

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