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Windows 7 Thread, What does Windows 7 run on in Technical; Finally had time to rebuild a few bits and pieces and now have Windows 7 RTM running on an old ...
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    Finally had time to rebuild a few bits and pieces and now have Windows 7 RTM running on an old Compaq Presario 5028UK (circa 2002 I think) with an AMD Athlon 1.1GHz, 896MB RAM and an NVidia GeFroce FX 5700 with 256MB RAM on it. It is the graphics that make the difference to be honest.

    It runs pretty well, doing most stuff fine but has the occasional flap if I have too many browser windows open (IE or FF) and dislikes too much use of Adobe AIR based stuff.

    I might put the old 64MB graphics card in there to see how slow it can *reallY* run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayfleming View Post
    I've just updated my blog post "What does Windows 7 run on?", which does exactly what it says on the label!

    Microsoft UK Schools News Blog : What does Windows 7 run on?

    Rather than a big technical list of specs etc, I wanted to try and capture the general spirit of seeing how older machines coped with it.

    Thanks to all for the input so far, and feel free to add any more as comments on the blog post, or just email me directly.


    ps I still haven't found the time to put it on the 8GB SSD of my EeePC 901
    The 32 bit RTM version runs really very well (much better than Win XP Pro in fact) on my 6 year old Dell Latitude C640 - 2GHz Mobile P4, 1GB RAM, 80GB 7200RPM Seagate HDD! Some devices didn't work effectively out of the box (namely the graphics card) but I've managed to find some drivers that work. Generally Windows 7 has given my old laptop a new lease of life and has a firm thumbs up from me!



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