Is anyone successfully using Chrome ephemeral mode?
Like the idea that our students are not leaving "tracks" on public computers (library kiosks) or friends computers BUT the constant dialogs with the "link data"/"New profile" buttons is causing no end of confusion.
Not to mention if they press new profile, which would be the "safe" thing to tell them to do (so they don't go importing their parents profile into there school profile) - they get 2 chrome sessions 1 login as themselves and 1 not logged in to chrome.
Has anyone found a way to keep things simple?
What we really need is a way to say "this chrome profile cannot be merged/linked" with another profile, you need to login then change. (or log in and not allowed to change much because your apps are pre-installed, your bookmarks are not editable --> more the concept of a "mandatory profile" except in lives in the cloud and not the network server)
Oh and by the way you can't leave your profile laying around on other computers...

Our environment is Win7 domain with 2008R2 servers, Chrome and GAFE.
Students have mandatory profiles - currently appdata NOT redirected.
(most)Teachers have roaming profiles - appdata IS redirected.

Any ideas or suggestions?