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Windows 7 Thread, Google Chrome Unable to Connect in Technical; Hi We've got an issue with google chrome at the moment. When you click on a website it says unable ...
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    Google Chrome Unable to Connect


    We've got an issue with google chrome at the moment.

    When you click on a website it says unable to connect to proxy (we don't have any proxy settings it goes straight to ISP).

    IE works fine

    Click on Google chrome 5-10 mins later it works fine.

    Any suggestions appreciated?


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    I'm pretty sure Chrome uses the same proxy/connection settings as IE, BUT chrome takes forever to detect them. Hense why sometimes (if you change any connection settings) you are better to open IE first and then chrome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karldenton View Post
    IE works fine. Click on Google Chrome 5-10 mins later it works fine.
    I had a similar issue with Chrome once. The solution was to uncheck "Automatically detect settings" in Internet Options.

    Which version of Chrome do you have? 35.0.1916.153?

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