We have an interesting issue with IE11 and History:

If no previous history was already recorded, IE11 did not record any history. I resolved this, by adding the S attribute to the History folder in the users profile, which works great, bing bong, history is working and recording fine in line with other policies.
I am now working on mandatory profiles for our students, which is working great so far, apart from History (and Recent Items more later on this one!), which I want to redirect.

I have added the S attribute to the redirected folder as a logon script, which is successful.
I have tried using a GPP reg key to do the IE History folder redirection (HKCU\...\UserShellFolders\History > L:\IE_History), which works okay, but when using IE11 in use, the history just doesn't work quite right, and causes IE to crash.
I have tried also adding a GPP reg key for Shell Folders, as well as UserShellFolders, but again this causes instability in IE11.

Remove the redirection, and history works smoothly again, but, obviously, at logoff, all history is wiped, due to the mandatory profile!

Any ideas/policy changes/etc to keep this running smoothly?
I have spent a while on this!