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Windows 7 Thread, Only allow list of URLs on IE in Technical; Wasn't sure where to post this, sorry! I've been asked (in short notice) to setup two PC's for an exam ...
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    Only allow list of URLs on IE

    Wasn't sure where to post this, sorry!

    I've been asked (in short notice) to setup two PC's for an exam tomorrow at a sister school, they obviously need to be locked down. I've done all the testing on my site in a test OU with a user account ExamUser and have managed to sort out the application side of things so that account cannot access the obvious like CMD, other browsers, Calculator etc. but as the exam is on a website I need to find a way of enforcing a whitelist on IE, so only X website can be accessed and nothing else. I did consider software but I can't find any that can only be applied to a specific user account instead of affecting the entire machine (the PC's they want to use will still be in use by others [in the ICT Suite, of all places!] so I can't make permanent changes)

    I've never had to do this before so I am completely stumped and happy to admit the noob in me here, if anybody could give me some pointers on how I could go about this that would be fantastic. Thanks!
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    If they are sitting an exam its the Invigilators job to keep an eye on them.

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    In the past I've done this by installing a local proxy, eg Acrylic DNS proxy on the specific PCs and using the config to ban all hostnames except the specific one.

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    You could do this with a pac file.

    Some info here: https://security.berkeley.edu/conten...iguration-file

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