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Windows 7 Thread, Problem with Junior Librarian moved from ME to Windows 7 in Technical; One of the primary schools which I support was running Junior Librarian on an old stand-alone desktop running Windows ...
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    Problem with Junior Librarian moved from ME to Windows 7

    One of the primary schools which I support was running Junior Librarian on an old stand-alone desktop running Windows ME! The PS/2 barcode scanner went U/S so I have bought a USB scanner from E-bay and replaced the machine a slightly newer box running Windows 7 Pro 32-bit.

    I backed up the database on the old machine to a USB drive, installed JL on the new machine and restored the database. All seemed to work and I have the same number of books in the database. My problem is that I cannot Circulate books as I cannot enter the book or user details either from the keyboard or using the barcode scanner (both of which word).

    The school stopped paying support to ML many years ago.

    Does anyone know what my problem may be?


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    could it be a permissions issue with the db? Can you log in as librarian and change any other settings?
    We've moved our Junlib to Win 7 with no problem from XP in several schools.
    Have you got spare Xp PC you can try it on just to confirm that it's Win 7?
    Rather than restore the db, you could also just try copying the db folder - I've done that successfully too.
    I'm assuming the .ini file doesn't have any weird settings in it.
    there is a fix db utility which I think is on the Junlib install DVD but might be only available on the website for which you need (paid) access.

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    Does that version even support win 7. If the db is stored in programdata you may have to give users modify rights to its folder.

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    Does the windows 7 PC have UAC enabled? I've found that can cause problems on older software not destined specifically for windows 7.

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    That version should work fine on Windows 7. Have you checked the .ini file within the installation directly? This includes paths to resources and what options are available on the home screen.

    If you moved the database to a server, the share must be hidden, otherwise it won't work. So for example the default (top of my head) is \\SERVERNAME\Junior3$

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