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Windows 7 Thread, Help with The Dude in Technical; I'm getting my head round the Dude slowly but surely. I will be using it to view all the computers ...
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    Cool Help with The Dude

    I'm getting my head round the Dude slowly but surely.
    I will be using it to view all the computers in each room. I've managed to work out how to use a tool to open the C: drive of each machine, but ideally what I want to do is have the software show the current logged on user.
    Does anyone have any idea on how this would be possible? I havent had any success on Google or the software's forum.


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    Hey I use the dude for monitoring our server and switch infrastructure, while I haven't got down to the level of what user is logged into what machine the thing i did find was that you can get alot of information from snmp, which you have to enable on the machines first.

    I also played around with powershell last year and managed to get alot more detailed information from WMI and LDAP. I was going to use this to generate inventory database.

    If your in a domain id also look at user AD security auditing as that allows you to audit user logons, I was thinking about user login but was going to use a login /logoff scripts.

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    Windows does not expose this information via SNMP, so there is no way for the Dude to get to it. Sorry.

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