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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 how to chkdsk an encrypted volume in Technical; Hi All Traditionally to chkdsk and repair a non booting hard disk we insert the Win 7 DVD, boot from ...
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    Windows 7 how to chkdsk an encrypted volume

    Hi All

    Traditionally to chkdsk and repair a non booting hard disk we insert the Win 7 DVD, boot from that, select command line and then chkdsk /f from there.

    We now encrypt our laptop hard disks using Bitlocker. When booting from the Win 7 DVD we select command line but theres no sign of the c drive at all. Presume bitlocker is hiding it somehow?

    Anyone faced this scenario?


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    Two options...

    1. Take the encrypted drive out of the laptop, connect it up to another Windows 7 or 8 PC via a SATA to USB adapter, enter the key when prompted and then chkdsk it.
    2. Create a bootable Windows PE flash drive, unlock the drive with the appropriate recovery key and then run chkdsk.
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    Moving to Windows 7 forum.

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    1) In the computer if you go into the bios does it show that the hard drive is connected - if not then maybe disconnect the hard drive / take it out and re - insert it firmly and try again.
    2) If it shows up as above may be worth while trying to get into the windows pe enviroment whether you use another device with winpe on it or use F8 and select repair mode --> enter the bit locker key twice and then you can suspend bitlocker from within a command prompt window if you can get to the advanced repair tools , one of the clickable options is to open a command prompt

    manage-bde -protectors -disable X:

    Where X: is the drive letter that needs bit locker suspending ( you can check what drive letter by doing the below )

    Type the below command and press enter


    Once disk part is loaded type the below command and press enter

    List Volume

    This should output the list of volumes with drive letters, capacity of each partition etc
    If you do manage to get the machine to read the hard drive - it may be a good point or idea to backup any / as much of the data as possible before doing a check disk and then afterwards as well

    Once the check disk is done, it will also be worth while running diagnostics on the hard drive ( whether it is from the hard drive manufacturers website or the laptop / desktop manufactures website ie we use Lenovo here for laptops and they have a downloadadble ISO which is a diagnostic disc to test RAM / HDD etc

    Use that to see if there is a faulty hard drive, if so maybe claim for another one under warranty through the manufacturer of the computer

    As per @Arthur 's comment - you could also use an external drive caddy on another computer and it will see that it has bitlocker enabled and encrypted and it will prompt to enter in the bitlocker recovery key if it detects and can read the hard drive, if so enter that in ( copy and paste or manually type that in ) and then you can do a check disk however again I would say try and backup data first before putting the hard drive through a check disk

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    Just wipe it chkdsk it and re-install.


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