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Windows 7 Thread, Windows XP Mode in Technical; Can you control this with Group Policy, or would you need to use mandatory profiles? I need to find a ...
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    Windows XP Mode

    Can you control this with Group Policy, or would you need to use mandatory profiles?

    I need to find a way to keep some 16-bit applications working. I was thinking of updating the default Windows XP mode image, installing all the updates and removing everything installed apart from these Macromedia based applications and also deleting the network interfaces.

    I'd then install Virtual PC on the PCs required and copy this image locally with everything disabled.

    I'd want to ensure that users can run it from C:\ in read only made, and not make any changes to either the VM or to the Virtual PC settings. It would be useful to have the thing suspend or hibernate each time so I doesn't take 10 minutes to boot the damn thing up.

    For some reason these software titles (Switch It from Inclusive Education) where built with a 16 bit only version of Macromedia Player. They won't run on newer versions!

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    Can you not use a 32bit VM of Windows 7 as the VM, it should run 16bit aps, will be supported and will run better under virtualisation.

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    DOSBox can run 16-bit apps if you install Windows 3.1 first. It will also bootup much faster than any VM would.

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