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Windows 7 Thread, Conversation View - Outlook - two unrelated emails? in Technical; Hope I've posted in the right section, mods please move if not! So on my outlook (desktop version) I use ...
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    Conversation View - Outlook - two unrelated emails?

    Hope I've posted in the right section, mods please move if not!

    So on my outlook (desktop version) I use conversation view. Don't mind it too much.

    However I today have a 'conversation' which shows as 'Split conversation. Expand to see all items.'

    There are emails from two different people, completely unrelated to each other. Why are they showing in the same 'conversation'? Looking through the messages, neither person has been copied in on the others emails etc. unless they have been Bcc in and I don't know about it?

    (One of them is a manager so just want to know who is seeing those emails!!!)

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    The convo's normally work based on email title etc as well, so if both are called "hi bob" it'll link them, even if different people, and emails etc


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    Its usually when people don't put a subject in or a reply from a message with no subject so you just get a "RE:"

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