We use Xerox Workcentre printers here, they are used with a pull printing system.

The printers are installed through a VBS Script either when a user logs in or it is run once if they are logged in locally.

Randomly it has started reporting that the same certain Xerox dll is missing, but looking in the spool\drivers folder the file exists.

It affects random workstations, the only common thing is it is Windows 7 Enterprise (not 100% sure if it is x64 or x32, I'd say most of them are x64).

I thought it was originally laptops running wirelessly, but I have had 2 desktops with this issue.

I need to as an admin remove the printer, remove the driver files, remove all xerox entries in registry / xerox print processor; and then reinstall it through the VBS script.

Has anyone got any ideas?
If I update the driver on the print server, will this have any issues with updating drivers on the workstations? Ie will it do it automatically or do I need to upgrade all workstations as an admin?

Many thanks