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Windows 7 Thread, Printing with Account ID in Technical; We've just had a new Utax 5505ci photocopier, which I've configured with job accounting to prompt for account ID when ...
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    Printing with Account ID

    We've just had a new Utax 5505ci photocopier, which I've configured with job accounting to prompt for account ID when they are printing from a computer. 99% of computers are working fine with this. On one laptop, every time something is printed, the user enters their account ID fine, but the photocopier is saying the account ID is incorrect. The ID is correct because you can log onto the actual photocopier with it, and I've tried other working codes and it's the same outcome. What I've noticed though is that when printing from notepad or sending a test page, it works fine with the users account ID and comes straight out of the printer. When using the same code with other software, such as Office applications, Google Chrome, it's saying the code is incorrect. Also, if I change the job accounting setting from Prompt for account ID, to Use a specific account ID and put the users ID directly into the settings, it works fine.

    I've tried reinstalling Office which hasn't helped.
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    Restarted the photocopier itself?

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