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Windows 7 Thread, RM Learning Resources Windows 7 replacement in Technical; Hi all We are moving our network away from RM and I have a few teachers who use the Learning ...
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    RM Learning Resources Windows 7 replacement

    Hi all

    We are moving our network away from RM and I have a few teachers who use the Learning Resources to collect in work from their students. Can anyone suggest a way of creating a similar situation in a Windows 7/ Server 2012 environment. They want to be able to create a new Hand In Point folder in a shared resource and allocate permissions to students of either Read Only, Write only or Read and Write depending on the folder created, preferably by year group.


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    We're doing the same thing, but we have them just emailing work to teachers and then the teachers save it out to a departmental area and mark it. The kids can read, but not write that area to pick up their marks. We chose to do it that way so we have an electronic trace of the work being sent in.

    We tried various combinations of folder access, but eventually after lots of "But Sir, I dropped it in the hand in and it's not there now" read:"I didn't hand it in at all, but I think I can get away with blaming the tech" we do it by email.

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