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Windows 7 Thread, Network Name in Technical; Right, just got into one of my schools and have been told the kids have changed the Network Name to ...
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    Network Name

    Right, just got into one of my schools and have been told the kids have changed the Network Name to "****** Mother ***** *****"
    quite easy to do aswell, go into network center and just click on the current active connection and it gives you the option of changing the name,
    anyone know if theres a GPO to stop them being able to change it?

    Running Win 7 and Server 2008r2
    I thought it was populated by the DNS and DHCP server and so think when the computer restarts it will wipe it and put it back to the domain name.


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    Yes there is a GPO for that, I'd block for staff as well

    Change in Network > Network Connections > Ability to rename LAN connections = Disabled
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