We'v had an ongoing problem with deploying printers to Windwos 7 workstations.

We are currently using a mix of cscript prnmngr deployment and rundll32 printui.dll deployment, both by login script (this is in addition to GPO deployment at computer level)

We're having intermittent issues with the printer not appearing on PCs - when this manifests, we get a lot of SRV event 2022 errors in the server system event log.

I increased the min free connections to 4 and the maxfreeconnections to 8 but this hasn't resolved the issue. (I've now increased these to 32/100 - the max to see if that helps)

Whilst I was working on all this I also increased the TCP/IP MaxUserPort setting to 65534

I'm now at my wits end what to try next - can anyone give me any indications of anything I may have missed?