Hi All,

Just stumbled across this website and have already found tonnes of useful information!

We are currently having a problem at our school where students can save serif files (web plus, page plus etc) to My Computer as a "Network Location" (C:\users\*username*\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Network Shortcut
This causes confusion when the students come up to our office and say they have lost their work... we then go on a big hunt around the file server and all our backups but find no trace of the file.

The reason for this is when they click the save/save as button the default directory is my computer. The students quickly save it before break/lunch/home and then forget about it until next lesson. If they come back to the same computer, it is in their recently opened list and they can work on it, however if they change computers they can obviously not see it as it is saved locally.

Students also claim that they have saved in their home directory and when moving to another computer the file moves itself to My Computer...? I don't understand how users can 'save' to My Computer, they have no access to write on the C drive.

I have phoned Serif and they have said that the default save location cannot be changed.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks