Hopefully just a quick one here - in our school environment we've recently noticed the list of all programs in the Win7 start menu includes a users own documents (ie. those which are within the 'My Documents' folder).

We have a 'student' and a 'staff' start menu set up (the staff menu is as default, plus the student menu) using folder redirection. We're having no problems with the student start menu including their documents under the 'all programs' list, but we have the issue with staff.

We have found that if we enable 'remove user's folders from the start menu' then this issue fixes itself and the 'all programs' list no longer includes a user's documents, but it will also remove the redirected start menu which includes the Student Programs folder. Therefore, at the moment, it seems we can either have staff seeing their own documents within their start menu-all programs list and them having access to the student menu, or their documents don't show within the all programs list but they can't see the student menu either...

Anybody got any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated!