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Windows 7 Thread, IE11 Causing Problems in Technical; Hi, Why on earth do MS work in this amateurish way?? How do they get away with it?? I blocked ...
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    IE11 Causing Problems

    Why on earth do MS work in this amateurish way?? How do they get away with it?? I blocked IE10 because I wanted to use Internet Explorer Maintenance GPO. I then decided that it was a bit backward-looking to do this especially with the release of IE11 making IE9 2 versions old! Didn't want to appear a dinosaur so I allowed IE11 and tried to use GPP instead of Internet Explorer Maintenance. Then of course I hit the problem of this only working up to IE8!! Unless I install Windows8!! WTF??? Oh, of course, I can get round it by changing an XML file and manually altering the value of IE8 to IE99. Great!! Very User Friendly, Bill!
    So all is well until today when suddenly I'm getting called to all the classrooms as websites won't work, email can't be accessed, passwords are not accepted....and after investigations it seems as though an update has altered the security level of IE11 affecting all flash, java, activex scripts!. Thanks a bunch MS!! We pay you a fortune in licences and this is the customer service we get!! I have got around this now by using GPP to set the security level to medium, but I shouldn't have to do this.
    I also can't now set favourites after the demise of IEM so have created a "homepage" stored on the server on which I store the school faves in HTML format!!
    Anyone else completely fed up with MS?? If I could get Google Chrome of Firefox to pick up my homepage from a GPO I'd just delete all traces of IE. Anyone know if this is possible??

    Maybe the answer is a Linux based school system ;-)


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    I did a test install on my Windows 7 laptop and couldn't even get this forum to work properly on it, so I simply rolled back to IE9.

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    This is why testing is so important. Have a list of the most used sites. Build a student pc and test all the sites as a student. Have a test group of pcs for wsus. Then deploy updates once they are ok in the test group. I'd go with ie10 as it will take a while for sites to catch up amd ms to patch ie11.

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    Have skipped IE10 here, other than our test machines. IE11 is now in our test cycle - it gets stuck on an RDS server and our own PCs (and my PC at home). We then run it and check for any complaints over a good period of time. I won't push out IE11 until after it shows in my WSUS anyway (I won't manually import it), but you do need a strong test regime first before deploying.

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