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Windows 7 Thread, Student access to laptops when offsite in Technical; Hi, I have a site that require students to use their laptops in school and at home. At the moment, ...
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    Student access to laptops when offsite


    I have a site that require students to use their laptops in school and at home. At the moment, these students have redirected documents etc. and appdata to a file server along with desktop. The start menu is local to the machine and the school wish for students to be able to save locally to the laptop when at home. They can log on using the cached credentials and i can stop the redirection but not sure how to give the local save location. Have thought about a custom library after using local appdata?

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    Is each user assigned a specific laptop? If so couldn't you just creat a folder in the root of C, set the relevant permissions, then shortcut it in their documents? This way the documents are available both in school and at home and there's not complicated setting up to be done.

    Just be sure to make then aware that anything saved locally isn't backed up - although this could be done with a basic script if you really wanted it to be.

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