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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 Default Permissions in Technical; Hi Guys, Just starting to build a new image for Windows 7 and i need to make sure certain groups ...
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    Windows 7 Default Permissions

    Hi Guys,

    Just starting to build a new image for Windows 7 and i need to make sure certain groups have full access to the program files x86 folders and the windows folder.

    When i try and change the permissions for Program Files (x86) everything is greyed out dispite being logged on as the local administrator. If i try and add the groups a C: drive level, it says access denied.

    The current owner of all files seems to be 'TrustedInstaller' which i think is causing the issue. Who should the owner be by default?

    Keeping it as TrustedInstaller denies access to most folders and programs such as SIMS wont install.

    If i take ownership of the files, it then stuffs up everything else!

    Many thanks
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    TrustedInstaller is correct. If users are set as Power Users they should be able to install per-user software, and if they're set as Admins they can install to Program Files and change the Windows folder contents. I would strongly recommend that you don't directly modify these settings - you need to instead look at the permissions levels of your users. Users should not need to install SIMS themselves (I'd argue that due to licensing etc that they shouldn't be able to install anything) - that should be done either via SOLUS3 or be updated by SIMSLoad if you're on SOLUS2. You can use simsperm to allow your users the access they need to update it.

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