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Windows 7 Thread, IE9 stopped working on one pc in Technical; On one of my unfavourite Windows 7 64 bit Lenovo All In One M92Zs IE9 has recently refused to open. ...
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    IE9 stopped working on one pc

    On one of my unfavourite Windows 7 64 bit Lenovo All In One M92Zs IE9 has recently refused to open. It's there both as 32 and 64 bit but clicking on it fails to bring it up. It's set up right in Internet settings. Other browsers are locked out by Sophos so currently even though that PC works fine in every other way it's not got internet access. Through Control Panel Windows Updates accesses it's site ok. Total mystery that I've spent a fair while trying to unravel today?

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    Can you reset ie if you can get into inetcpl.cpl ? Othrr than that appwiz.cpl and click turn off features l. Go back to ie8 re install 9.

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    Uninstall it?
    Start > Control Panel > Windows Updates and click on Installed Updates found in the lower left hand area of the pane and search for Windows Internet Explorer 9 that should be found under Microsoft Windows. If it is there, Right click and uninstall. It should revert back to IE8.

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    See if you can access the Windows Features dialog through Control Panel/Programs. If the list is blank you have a deeper problem; you'll find getting it to work again is harder than just reimaging.

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