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Windows 7 Thread, Problems deploying TightVNC via Group Policy in Technical; So I kinda have it working, but not 100%. I can get it to deploy and install, but the end ...
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    Question Problems deploying TightVNC via Group Policy

    So I kinda have it working, but not 100%. I can get it to deploy and install, but the end user can go into the configuration and close down the server without prompting for a password.

    I am installing the latest msi version via gpo and am using the registry area of gpo to set the right keys. I tried to push it down via batch file with the msi switches but was having no luck, that's why I went this route. At least it's installing this way...just not configured properly.

    One thing that seemed odd, is that I could only find registry keys under HKLM/Software/TightVNC. I read somewhere else about stuff being under the Wow6432Node but there's nothing there. I also read there should be an ORL key, but I can't find that either.

    Any suggestions/ideas?

    EDIT: Nevermind, not sure what was going on, but I had it install on another computer and it worked fine. I think this was was wonky because it was the one I've been messing with.
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