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Windows 7 Thread, Laptops + Offline files + Mandatory profiles + Folder redirection in Technical; Anyone else have the same setup as me here? Mandatory profiles for all students and teachers Offline files setup to ...
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    Laptops + Offline files + Mandatory profiles + Folder redirection

    Anyone else have the same setup as me here?

    Mandatory profiles for all students and teachers
    Offline files setup to store a local copy of the users home folder on the laptop and replicate changes back when the laptop connects to the domain

    Usually these users logging in to the network would have their start menu redirected to a network based start menu, and the desktop redirected to a network location with fixed icons that no one can change.

    Now the start menu redirection for laptops with offline files i have set to redirect to the default programdata location (or whatever it is by default) and the desktop i'm trying to set to something else (be it local or within the offline files area), this works fine if the user logs on as a standard user BUT if i set that user to be a local admin of the laptop, or add it to any other security groups such as network configuration users the desktop redirect fails every time until i make a change to the group policy. If i make a change to the desktop redirection policy it'll then apply once...then every subsequent logon it'll fail again.

    This setup is a bit of a PITA to be honest, so does anyone in the same scenario use a better system for this or have any suggestions on how to fine tune this?

    There's also a second problem which is completely separate in that whenever a laptop is imaged any locally created user accounts fail the user profile service logon. Regardless of the policies applied. Any suggestions on this one?
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    With regards to shortcuts through the start menu and on the desktop, I have mine redirected to the local drive. All users have roaming profiles and their Appdata is directed to their home drive, i.e. H:\Application Data.

    C: drive is hidden and restricted, therefore all shortcuts are redirected to the Y: drive which is simply hidden but not restricted.

    I get MDT to partition the HDD into 2 drives, assign a drive letter and then have a Robocopy script to mirror shortcuts at startup from a network share.

    That's the best possible solution I can offer.

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