Started a new thread same old problem!

A GPO setting is making IE10 crash (well it opens for a moment the tab shrinks to half size the cursor flickers and ie10 closes)

I don't get anything in the event logs? (so not a crash) If I remove a pupil from the (managed pupils) GPO IE10 works fine. ie9 has no issues with the managed pupils GPO... I have removed the registry settings for ie10 from the (managed pupils) gpo for testing but still ie10 wont work on a clean pupil on a fresh machine.

How do I tackle this issue? I've tried turning blocks of gpos settings off under the windows components internet explorer and it's not working and time consuming! (having to clean the Pc user profile each test)

How else should I tackle this problem?

(I know I could uninstall ie10 but that's last resort)