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Windows 7 Thread, Please wait.....forever! in Technical; We'd be glad to show you what AVAST can do. PM if you'd like to see some pricing Joe...
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    We'd be glad to show you what AVAST can do.

    PM if you'd like to see some pricing


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    Quote Originally Posted by mac_shinobi View Post
    That resets winsock not the tcp/ip stack

    Netsh int ip reset c:\logs\logfile.txt

    Resets the tcp/ip stack

    By any chance does your machines have a policy that installs AB Tutor or some form of mirror client on the machines ?

    I only ask this as we had a similar issue when isntalling AB Tutor via gp, the process would hang and then would prevent the network card operating properly.

    The comment from mac_shinobi is correct for resolving this issue as we have had to run it on around 20% of the machines in our School (total of 1300 machines)

    Things to try

    Boot into safe mode and then run IPCONFIG

    If the machine gives a 169 address or Just hangs with Windows IP Configuration in the DOS Prompt then this is the issue that has just been mentioned and then run the following commands

    netsh winsock reset
    Ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew

    and for good measure do a dns flush then reboot and all should be well !

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    After removing Sophos and installing avg it's been fine since so I don't think its a networking problem.

    It's not the first time Sophos has crippled some of our pcs. Once too often we've had issues where it's been the culprit!

  4. Thanks to Sheridan from:

    mac_shinobi (16th October 2013)

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