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Windows 7 Thread, Powershell - Wake On Lan in Technical; Hello, We're having some issues getting machines to WOL . We recently Vlan'd our entire network and I suspect this ...
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    Powershell - Wake On Lan


    We're having some issues getting machines to WOL. We recently Vlan'd our entire network and I suspect this is what is causing the problem.

    We don't want to think about reconfiguring switches etc yet so I'm looking to write a powershell script that would invoke a wake up.

    I've googled around but half of the scripts I've found don't work (I get script errors etc) I just think it would be easier to write my own, but I'm not sure what cmdlets I'd have to push to get the desired results.

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    It will probably be the VLAN. WOL is a broadcast and VLANS block broadcast.

    If you use CISCO you need to setup an ACL something like this if i recall

    access-list 101 permit udp host any eq 7

    This will help - Catalyst Layer 3 Switch for Wake-On-LAN Support Across VLANs Configuration Example - Cisco Systems

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    We had the same issue on our vLAN'd network....

    It was getting too complicted for me so had to ditch the idea - was spending too long and not getting anywhere

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