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Windows 7 Thread, WSUS updates for Windows7 Laptops in Technical; we have one WSUS server distributing updates to computers in 4 schools which area all part of one domain. Each ...
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    WSUS updates for Windows7 Laptops

    we have one WSUS server distributing updates to computers in 4 schools which area all part of one domain. Each school has a couple of laptop safes and I am trying to figure out a sensible way of distributing WSUS updates to the laptops without it impacting the lessons too much in terms up start up times etc.

    Any advice on what would be the best way of doing it?

    I did a bit of research and the only sensible way seems to be to only approve the updates once a month and just start them all up out of lessons to fetch all the updates.

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    set them to download but not install updates then make shutdown and install updates the default?

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    You're right as I've had similar problems. Being able to group devices in WSUS, you can manually authorise updates to those devices. Netbooks are particularly slow at installing some updates, so typically I only issue IE Critical updates and nothing more. Netbooks usually stay on site.

    For wired desktops and teacher devices taken off site, I still issue all updates. They're set to install in the background, prompting the user to restart. This works well as teachers can put off restarting for 4 hours at a time. It's normally enough to get them through the day.

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    Either that or reimage all the laptops every month.

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    My technique is super low tech.

    Turn them all one once a week (normally a friday evening). put them back in the Laptop Trolly (on).

    When i get home i use Impero ( Impero Classroom and Computer Lab Management Software for the Entire Network ) and a memic scirpt to force all the laptops to "Download" the content. Then using the mass CMD function, instruct them to install the updates and reboot. Thus applying the updates.

    So i guess... probably not great answer, but i am of the opinion, if it doesn't work well, just do it manually yourself.

    Impero is a godsend, i only had it and the laptop trolley this year

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