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Windows 7 Thread, Black Screen with Cursor in Technical; I may have worked out why we were getting it. Seems we have a login script which maps drives and ...
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    I may have worked out why we were getting it.
    Seems we have a login script which maps drives and was trying to map a drive from a server that was taking an age to respond. The server is due for decommissioning and the drive isn't used anymore but it was still there in the script. I took out the reference to the mapped drive and so far the few tests I have done seem to indicate that the black screen is gone. I have asked the IT Teachers to monitor student logins over the next few days to be sure. I think the black screen was waiting for the drive to map but as it as the server wasn't responding it took ages.
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    Yes, I had a similar solution, it turned out to be the printers loading but only affected the netbooks, PC's were fine so took the decision to just not have printers on netbooks which all agree is fine so long as the kids can save work to their folders which they can.

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    I was just about to say mapped drives causes this.

    I once mapped all staff users to a NAS and it caused a hang, black screen with white cursor for about 5 - 10mins. As soon as I took it off, it was lightening quick again.

    Check your mapped drives are correct and the location of the mapped drive is adequately spec'd

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