Good afternoon all,

I'm looking for some suggestions as we've run flat out of ideas and the issues is now becoming a vendetta.

Over the summer we re-imaged the majority of the site with IE10 included on the classroom machines, however, some of the site remained with IE9 and this has caused a few issues with regards to scripting becoming disabled on staff roaming profiles. Currently, our solution is either a full profile reset or a reset of IE but it does seem to be recurring.

It was decided that we should roll back from IE10 to IE9, and while we are able to successfully remove the update and switch back it has left an annoyance for the student mandatory profiles, every time they log on the 'Personalized Settings' run and are halted by a lack of access to the command prompt. While this doesn't stop the students from logging on successfully, it is driving me up the wall trying to figure out why it is happening, we've tried recreating the mandatory profile, but that still retains the issue, i've tried replacing the default user profile with a healthy one but no luck there either.

Short of recreating the image and re-imaging the whole site, has anyone any ideas as to what may be causing the behaviour? Google searches seem to be fruitless as the only references I can find to this behaviour are from IE4 or 5.

Any input will be gratefully received.