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Windows 7 Thread, Installation of fonts without admin rights in Technical; Where do they keep getting all the new fonts from? I don't think I have installed an extra font in ...
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    Where do they keep getting all the new fonts from? I don't think I have installed an extra font in years? I assume they are all correctly licenses or open source fonts and not pirate?

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    dafont.com for our lot. @localzuk - will have a play with that script, cheers.

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    Sites such as DaFont. Staff are aware they can only use ones marked as Free and not Free for personal use.

    I'm not having much luck with the script at the moment... It copies the file over but doesn't do the install. I'll keep playing.

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    Ready for a genius, easy to deploy, although convoluted way?

    Note that this only deals with needing to elevate, not with the install itself...

    1.Make a service account which has the local admin rights (add it to the local admin group using gpp if need be) -optional
    2. Deploy a scheduled task (through gpp) that runs as the service account. Due to security mappings, you will not be able to deploy a gpp scheduled task with a local account such as system. The task, which runs with highest rights, executes your script which does xxxxxxxx.
    3. Sit back and enjoy the awesomeness. All they have to do is trigger the task when they want to install new fonts.

    Yes, you can use this method to do anything.... for me, the hardest part was getting people to go to task scheduler and hit run if they wanted some software installed, but they soon learn.

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