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Windows 7 Thread, Libraries... ARGH! - Windows 7 sp1 and 2012. in Technical; Here is my problem, the shlib application doesnt appear to be working, and the custom ADM file in the sticky ...
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    Angry Libraries... ARGH! - Windows 7 sp1 and 2012.

    Here is my problem, the shlib application doesnt appear to be working, and the custom ADM file in the sticky thread does not work due to it being 2012 i guess.

    Brand new domain, setting up my students accounts and group policies, i need to not remove libraries as such, but remove the c:\users\public from everything. and ideally then go on to remove the ability to configure the library locations (to stop them adding anything in the future)

    If anyone can help, i would be most happy! tearing my hair out, as i know they will be straight in there messing about!

    Ta in advance.


    *Edit- Update, I've got the shlib script now working a charm, but still need to stop students from playing with the add/remove library locations feature
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    I use the method described here and copy the (edited) .library-ms files to each users %AppData% folder with Group Policy Preferences. It works really well.
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    Agree with Arthur. I also use this method. I found disabling known folders causes too many applications to winge.

    However, rather than Using GPP to copy into each users profile, I found it better instead to copy these into the default user profile. I found that adding to each users profile only applied at the second logon.

    Neutralises the libraries. No winges about indexed locations.

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    Yup we edit ours in audit mode when creating the image (to remove the Public locations), works a treat

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