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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 right click print has never worked in Technical; When any of my windows 7 users select a bunch of photos to use in the right click print option ...
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    Windows 7 right click print has never worked

    When any of my windows 7 users select a bunch of photos to use in the right click print option (the one that lets you print multiple photos on one page) it never works. The user either gets a progress bar that never ends or an error box saying the photo system encountered an issue, try re-installing the drivers.

    Up until now the teachers have just grabbed an xp machine to do the printing. I have tried replacing the drivers with different versions and even tried to replace the photowiz.dll but this caused other issues.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Not a solution to the problem by any means, but you could consider using Picassa. Picassa has a very nice interface (compared the windows default program) and offers the ability to print multiple photos per page etc. It's also relatively easy to push out via GPO

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    Its related to printing more than 15 items and there is a registry patch


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    I noticed this not long ago printing a load of Word documents or PDF documents. It appears to be 15 of anything.

    Another possibility with picture files are file sizes. Some of the latest cameras are creating files 5MB+ each. When printing, it really depends how powerful your printer is. The less RAM available and it takes forever to spool. This is especially the case for host based printers with no onboard memory.

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