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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 Image checklist in Technical; I'm trying to build a Windows 7 image to import into MDT , I have got one already but it ...
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    Windows 7 Image checklist

    I'm trying to build a Windows 7 image to import into MDT, I have got one already but it is 2-3 years old so I'm doing a new one with all the latest updates.

    Since machines will be going in a Server 2008 R2 level Active Directory a lot of the settings can be controlled by Group Policy later on, so really just trying to work out what I need to change on the actual image? As I've forgot!

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    Not a lot should be in the image. Windows, updates, and any applications that must be installed in the thick image. (We have a specialty word processor) Everything else should be in MDT or GPO.

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    We like to have a text document in the root of the drive with a build version etc. Can be useful if you have a high turnover of images for whatever reason.

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