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Windows 7 Thread, Why did I need to re-activate? in Technical; Hi All. Just a query really as the issue was simple, but I don't know why it happened. I replaced ...
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    Why did I need to re-activate?

    Hi All. Just a query really as the issue was simple, but I don't know why it happened. I replaced the screen back on a Dell E5500 today - very pleased with myself, 'cos I used all the screws up and didn't have any holes left! - but when I rebooted, it said that Windows wasn't activated and the message was that I'd changed a part which required re-activation.

    Now, I didn't change or even disconnect the screen - the only wires I touched were the antennae for the WLAN. I had to take the keyboard off to achieve that, but put the same one back on. What could have changed that meant I needed to re-activate?

    As its a MAK licence, I presume I will have used one of my count up too?



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    I think windows *thought* something may have changed due to battery disconnect etc. You should not have used a new MAK activation though as windows should just regenerate the same activation key as nothing had changed.

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