Iím looking for some advice. Iím no profile expert so please forgive any incorrect terminology. Our users are setup to use a mandatory profile in AD which is located locally on each machine they use. Primarily this should apply for all users, however most staff have a Windows 7 laptop which Iíd like to be a little more flexible. In short, mandatory profile everywhere across the site apart from on individually assigned laptops.

At present, in the mandatory profile folder that lives on the local C drive of each laptop, I can rename the ntuser.man file to .dat. The user who logs onto that laptop then assumes the preconfigured mandatory profile (as we want it configured) but with the ability to keep personal settings. However when the next user comes to logon, at logon they also try to get that same profile location (as this the same in AD). This then causes conflicts and issues with programs such as Outlook because I think the two users are having their profiles mashed together.
Iíd prefer it if this local profile data was located in C:\users\username folder but the laptops don't appear to be using these as they did with XP. Is it possible to achieve this just for the staff laptops?

Any help / advice is greatly appreciated and I'll do my best to clarify any of the above if it's not clear.

Many thanks in advance,