Just looking for some advice if possible.

We're building 120 brand new Windows 7 Laptops. The plan is for Staff to get these before we break up so we can rebuild the old laptops over the Summer and reuse them as Student Laptops for the new term.

Staff home areas are currently on Server 1 and File Syncing is currently set on their old Windows XP laptops so they can work on their documents at home, then when they come back on site their documents will be Sync'd with their home areas on Server 1.

Now... we're planning on moving their home areas to Server 2 over the summer. If we set Folder Syncing on their home area on the new laptops before they go away to sync to their H: drive on Server One and they come back and we've changed their home area to point to Server Two is that going to cause any issues with Syncing their home areas as they will be pointing to a new location?

Or is it best to not enable Folder Syncing until they come back after the Summer? And instead allow them to copy their documents they will need to a folder on their laptop and then when they come back in enable Folder Syncing?

Any suggestions?