Hey Guys/Girls

Need a bit of a hand in my migration to W7. Basically in the XP system, we create the user account, create the folders for My Docs and Profiles folders on the server, Apply permissions then copy in the default profiles for the users. This is mostly done by a scripts of course!

In Windows 7 I have basically got it to the point where I can get new users to log in and create a folder and profile (automagically). I have proved that this profile is being created from the local machine default profile by changing some reg keys in the profile before logging in. I also know that I can re-direct this default profile to the NETLOGON server.

My real question is how do I make seperate profiles for staff and students? Obviously I can control a lot of the differences by GPO however its things like taskbar and Start menu pinned items that I need to change. Is this possible in W7?

Ideally I would also like to pre-create the profile folders (and Data) before the user logs in but I guess this doesn't need doing if its auto loaded!

So far my W7 to XP has been a pain but I am getting there! only 4 weeks to go until the summer!