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Windows 7 Thread, Win7 deployment help required - WDS / Sys Prep related in Technical; I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem - I'm sure it's simple but I'm beat at the mo! ...
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    Win7 deployment help required - WDS / Sys Prep related

    I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem - I'm sure it's simple but I'm beat at the mo!

    I installed Win7, entered audit mode & installed a few items of software. Then added an unattend.xml file to the SysPrep folder & SysPrepped the machine (OOBE / Generalise) etc. This image was captured to the WDS server no problems at all & can then be deployed. This is where the issue arises (I think!).

    When I attempt to deploy the image using a boot image on WDS called "Standard Deploy" it shows up the captured image ok & appears to install everything ok.

    Until it gets to the final stages & a Windows Package Manager error appears saying "Operation failed with 0x80070002 - the System cannot find the file specified". When I click ok I get an Install Windows error saying "Windows Could not apply unattend settings during pass (null)."

    This error message appears whether I have an unattend file present or not.

    Whenever I restart the machine I get a message saying BOOTMGR is missing press Ctrl + Alt + del to restart.

    Can anyone help me out with this please? I'm desperately wanting to upgrade our network workstations to Win7 from XP but this is causing a major stumbling block!



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    Are you making any changes to the partition during your deployment.
    i found if you modded the global variable for the partition in the "new computer" stage when it configures the disk and this change isnt updated in the "install OS" section of your TS it will fail.
    (after checking this i recreated the image with the same settings and it worked so i put it down to an iffy capture"

    Does anything show up in the smsts.log on the client? iirc it dumps this to minit folder in the root of c:\

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