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Windows 7 Thread, New Win 7 GPO to share in Technical; G'Day Bit cheeky, but does anyone have a student GPO for Win 7 that they are willing to share to ...
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    New Win 7 GPO to share


    Bit cheeky, but does anyone have a student GPO for Win 7 that they are willing to share to save me reinventing the wheel.

    Finger crossed

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    Should get you started.

    Group Policy Management
    Setting Path:
    No explanation is available for this setting.
    Supported On:
    Not available
    Student Policy 
    Data collected on: 6/18/2013 10:09:05 AM hide all 
    Computer Configuration (Enabled)hide
    No settings defined.
    User Configuration (Enabled)hide
    Administrative Templateshide
    Policy definitions (ADMX files) retrieved from the central store.Control Panelhide
    Policy Setting Comment 
    Prohibit access to the Control Panel Enabled  
    Control Panel/Printershide
    Policy Setting Comment 
    Prevent addition of printers Enabled  
    Prevent deletion of printers Enabled  
    Policy Setting Comment 
    Don't save settings at exit Enabled  
    Hide Network Locations icon on desktop Enabled  
    Prevent adding, dragging, dropping and closing the Taskbar's toolbars Enabled  
    Prohibit adjusting desktop toolbars Enabled  
    Remove My Documents icon on the desktop Enabled  
    Remove Properties from the Computer icon context menu Enabled  
    Network/Network Connectionshide
    Policy Setting Comment 
    Prohibit access to properties of a LAN connection Enabled  
    Prohibit access to the New Connection Wizard Enabled  
    Network/Offline Fileshide
    Policy Setting Comment 
    Prevent use of Offline Files folder Enabled  
    Start Menu and Taskbarhide
    Policy Setting Comment 
    Add Logoff to the Start Menu Enabled  
    Clear history of recently opened documents on exit Enabled  
    Prevent changes to Taskbar and Start Menu Settings Enabled  
    Remove drag-and-drop and context menus on the Start Menu Enabled  
    Remove links and access to Windows Update Enabled  
    Remove Network Connections from Start Menu Enabled  
    Remove Recent Items menu from Start Menu Enabled  
    Remove Run menu from Start Menu Enabled  
    Remove the Action Center icon Enabled  
    Turn off personalized menus Enabled  
    Policy Setting Comment 
    Don't display the Getting Started welcome screen at logon Enabled  
    Prevent access to registry editing tools Enabled  
    Disable regedit from running silently? No 
    Policy Setting Comment 
    Prevent access to the command prompt Enabled  
    Disable the command prompt script processing also? No 
    System/Ctrl+Alt+Del Optionshide
    Policy Setting Comment 
    Remove Lock Computer Enabled  
    Remove Task Manager Enabled  
    Windows Components/Internet Explorerhide
    Policy Setting Comment 
    Disable changing Advanced page settings Enabled  
    Disable changing font settings Enabled  
    Disable changing home page settings Enabled  
    Home Page http://www.google.com
    Policy Setting Comment 
    Disable changing Temporary Internet files settings Enabled  
    Disable Internet Connection wizard Enabled  
    Windows Components/Internet Explorer/Delete Browsing Historyhide
    Policy Setting Comment 
    Disable "Configuring History" Enabled  
    Days to keep pages in History   
    Windows Components/Internet Explorer/Toolbarshide
    Policy Setting Comment 
    Disable customizing browser toolbar buttons Enabled  
    Disable customizing browser toolbars Enabled  
    Lock all Toolbars Enabled  
    Windows Components/Microsoft Management Consolehide
    Policy Setting Comment 
    Restrict the user from entering author mode Enabled  
    Restrict users to the explicitly permitted list of snap-ins Enabled  
    Windows Components/Task Schedulerhide
    Policy Setting Comment 
    Prohibit New Task Creation Enabled  
    Windows Components/Windows Explorerhide
    Policy Setting Comment 
    Hides the Manage item on the Windows Explorer context menu Enabled  
    Remove DFS tab Enabled  
    Remove Hardware tab Enabled  
    Removes the Folder Options menu item from the Tools menu Enabled  
    Request credentials for network installations Enabled  
    Windows Components/Windows Updatehide
    Policy Setting Comment 
    Remove access to use all Windows Update features Enabled  
    Configure notifications:

  3. Thanks to Duke5A from:

    ozydave (19th June 2013)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duke5A View Post
    Should get you started.
    Many thanks for this. Will have a play today.

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    This is ours Students.pdf

    Hope this helps, and please feel free to offer feedback on any amendments you think are relevant.



  6. 2 Thanks to imunro01:

    cpjitservices (16th July 2013), ozydave (19th June 2013)

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    Thanks guys, these are really helpful

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    Thanks guys, i've been looking for similar input for our LA, without success, these have been really handy, kudos to all.


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