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Windows 7 Thread, Enabling USB Access without admin rights in Technical; I am not able to access USB drives in my laptop. I tried regedit, it shows 3 as value in ...
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    Enabling USB Access without admin rights

    I am not able to access USB drives in my laptop.
    I tried regedit, it shows 3 as value in Start of USBSTOR Control Set.
    Is there any other way to access USB devices.

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    If your admins have removed USB access then its for a good reason (usually data protection) - if you are able to get them to work and someone finds out then you could well end up in hot water.

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    Ask your admin to enable the following:

    Computer Config > Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options – Devices: Allowed to format and eject removable media - Select ‘Administrators and Interactive Users’

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    It's something your network administrator has to enable. It would appear you are not the network administrator so you will have to ask him/her. If you have a valid need, they may enable it.

    Attempting to do it yourself will lead to being fired. Or permanent exclusion if you're at school; we network administrators notice these things. One of yours may well have answered this thread.

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    "without admin rights" is always a red flag. Whether you're staff, a pupil, or not even in education, I'm sure most of us would consider it unethical to tell you how to do something you don't have the rights to do
    Your techies will find out if you find a way. Sooner or later they'll hear "Well so-and-so can use USB sticks, why can't I?". It's likely disabled for security or data protection, as @jamesfed said.

    Even if you're a pupil, just go and ask the techies. Even if they can't enable it for $reasons, they might be willing to offer you an alternate solution. There's no sense risking landing yourself in bother just to use a pen drive. (and if you're looking to do a little more than move files, we'd strongly advised against it. Again, techies will find out.)

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