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Windows 7 Thread, Printer Working Fine NOT! in Technical; Hello All, I have an issue with a printer on two desktops. I had installed at first a Kyocera 3050ci ...
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    Printer Working Fine NOT!

    Hello All,

    I have an issue with a printer on two desktops. I had installed at first a Kyocera 3050ci driver on these computers running on Windows 7. The printer was a demo and once it was taken back I installed our Kyocera FS-C2126MFP with the driver I have used on other computers. The issue is that now the FS-C2126MFP does not print for those two desktops. It prints for all other PCs but not those two. In the computer it shows as if the printer is up and running and when a print job is sent it shows as if it printed and completed the job. But on printer it shows as if no print job was received. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple time and nothing. I have tried restarting the spooler and nothing. I know that the PCs reach the printer because I can ping it. Also, other computers are printing just fine so it is not an issue with the printer. I have ran out of ideas. I am not sure if the driver of the demo Kyocera is interfering with the current one. Please advise on what I can try.

    Thank you

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    Just woundering are the Win 7 machine that are causing the truoble 64 bit or 32 bit? If they are 64-bit the 32 bit driver may not work.

    Have you tried going to the Kyocera website to get the driver? Just to see if a fresh download of the driver will work.

    Do you still have the disc for the printer? I have always found that discs are very relaible.

    Can the computer is the printer? if yes check to see what driver is being used incase it is trying to use the demo printer driver.

    Hope this is of some help.

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    I would recommend removing the old driver off the pc.

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    I'm pretty sure Kyocera have a driver Deleter you can download. Maybe try this to get rid of the previous drivers and retry the install.

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    We used to have no end of trouble with remnant Kyocera drivers and there was (is) a driver deleter which did the trick. I believe it removed all drivers, not just Kyocera.

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    Yes it does exist, used it myself when advised to by Kyocera support. As said iy you are not carefully it can delete other files, just check which ones its highlighting and make sure you just select the Kyocera files.

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