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Windows 7 Thread, java and uac as standard user in Technical; using v7u17 home page is set to a site that aparantly has java. Everytime a user goes to it they ...
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    java and uac as standard user

    using v7u17

    home page is set to a site that aparantly has java. Everytime a user goes to it they get umpteen uac prompts and even as an admin i get a box saying effectively are you sure you want to run this(which is i suspect the root cause of the uac dialogue). as i need java working is there any way to get it to just work without nagging people without just rolling back to say j7u11 or even j6 something

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    Try going into the Java control panel applet and sliding the security level down to medium. Somewhere in the 7.x history they made the default level high instead of medium and it bugs the crap out of you when running unsigned code.

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