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Windows 7 Thread, Wireleass only device: Can WOL work? in Technical; I've never really looked into this much before so forgive me if this is a bit of an "amatureish" question. ...
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    Wireleass only device: Can WOL work?

    I've never really looked into this much before so forgive me if this is a bit of an "amatureish" question.

    Is it possible to use WOL on a desktop Windows 7 PC that only connects to a LAN via Wifi?

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    The short answer is no.

    For this to work your wireless card will have to be connected to your WIFI network all the time. But that is only one of the problems. WIFI connection is managed by the operating system, not the wireless card.

    The only way that you could do it, is if you use a wireless bridge.

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    Alternatively consider setting the BIOS to boot every day and have scripts to shut down again out of term or at weekend, I'm planning this for our laptops.

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