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Windows 7 Thread, Chrome can break things... in Technical; Rolled out a new version of Google Chrome today as ours was way out dated, so I actually had a ...
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    Chrome can break things...

    Rolled out a new version of Google Chrome today as ours was way out dated, so I actually had a new MSI of chrome so I thought I'll remove Chrome and just roll out the new one via GPO. Hardly anyone noticed as the majority here use IE (UUrrrgghhhhh) but some weird things happened, hyperlinks stopped working to the point of if someone got an email and it had a link in it... It would say disabled by your Administrator.

    Another one was, One of our sales guys was working away in Excel and he put an email address in the spreadsheet as a clickable link, nothing wrong with that. It had the customers name and address etc so it was easy to find the customer fair do's.

    Funny thing was though, again if you clicked the link a box popped up saying something along the lines of "this action has been disabled by your Administrator", I trawled through Group Policy and could find nothing. The only thing that had changed was chrome. I manually installed Chrome back on that machine and viola all the links work again.

    How Bizarre!!

    One to watch for folks - If you use Chrome that is.

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    I've seen that before after uninstalling Chrome!!
    It seems it sets something in the registry, but doesn't unset/reset it on uninstall
    Theres a fix for the resulting problem at Hyperlinks are not working in Outlook

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    I have a thread in here with the fix that is easily deployable....

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